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Downloading and Installing dozenal

Downloading and installing dozenal is pretty straightforward; an outside contribution has significantly streamlined the build process. So presuming that you don't have a prebuilt version for your distribution, you can read through this page.

Downloading dozenal

The dozenal source is all available at Github:

dozenal source

Now, Github can be frightening for those who don't know git, so for those who can't navigate it, you can just download this archive:

zip of dozenal source

If you do happen to know git, then go ahead and work your magic; clone that repository to your heart's content.

Installing dozenal

This should also be pretty simple, even simpler than usual, since dozenal does not include the usual "./configure" step that most source downloads do. I'll be assuming here that you're working with the zip archive, since anyone who knows enough git to clone the repository will be able to figure out the rest for themselves.

  1. Find the directory you want to put dozenal into, and go to it.
  2. Unzip the archive:
    unzip master.zip
  3. Go to the directory that said unzipping created. It will be immediately beneath the directory that you created.
  4. Build the source:
  5. You now have a working dozenal in this directory. Probably, however, you want more than that: you want to be able to run dozenal from any directory, read the manpage when you need to, and so forth. So become root however you normally would (sudo, or su -, or whatever), and run the following:
    make install
    That should cover it; you've now got dozenal running on your computer.

If you need help learning to run dozenal, visit the documentation page, where you'll find both manuals and tutorials for the various programs. And then, happy mathing!